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Eco-friendly materials for healthy living
No central heating equipment is required
Consistent room temperature during all 4 seasons
Fast assembly and durable construction
Suitable for towns and distant rural areas
Everything needed for a home that not only minimizes its environmental impact but also provides a comfortable and energy-efficient affordable living space
The Shell Price Includes

– Drawings
– Straw panels wall system, membrane, wood fiberboard, gypsum board
– Windows and doors
– Roof trusses
– Insulated flat roof

The Finish Price Includes

– Standard staircase to sleeping galleries
– Standard kitchen cabinets and basic appliances
– Shower system, vanity and toilet, tiling for wet areas and entrance
– Engineered hardwood flooring
– Interior walls (painting options) or plaster clay, exterior siding
– Hydro electricity (electrical panel, cabling, basic switches, receptacles, and pot lights)

Using organic, earth made materials can not only do wonders in sustainability and helping the carbon footprint, but also in ensuring the best possible home in regards to health risks.

The kit house, built on passive house building principles and assembled with engineered straw panels along with triple-pack custom windows and doors, creates a microclimate within its walls. This microclimate allows the house to maintain consistent temperatures and humidity throughout the year, preventing people and pets from minor to major health risks associated with traditional building techniques. These can be toxins in materials, hazardous construction methods with negative latent effects or drastic humidity/temperature changes.

With the kit house the risks are significantly reduced and some of them are completely eliminated. That is why the engineered straw panel walls in the kit house can be easily called “breathing walls” as they create an environment of sustainable and healthy living.

Although names like net-zero housing and off-grid building solutions may be used interchangeably, there are variations on the topic that may have slightly different meanings.

Net-zero houses, by definition, produce as much clean energy as they consume. According to some statistics, they may be up to 80% more energy efficient than typical new houses and use renewable energy systems (solar, wind, water) to produce the remaining energy they need for heating/cooling or/and electricity.

The off-grid houses are simply buildings that do not utilize centralized energy sources and are capable of producing enough energy, not necessarily clean, to maintain their operations. Net-zero houses may still be connected to centralized energy sources while off-grid houses are completely self-sustainable.

With “Net-Zero” kit house you can take either path based on your preferences and goals.

It is hard to believe but the kit house assembled with engineered straw panels and built with passive house techniques is capable of maintaining consistent warm temperatures during cold season and cool temperatures during hot summer months.

The thermal performance of a building refers to how much heat escapes a building during the winter months, or enters a building during the summer months. Some walls are more resistant to heat escaping or entering than others, meaning less of a need for heating and/or cooling.

It has been determined that the kit house straw panel walls will have the thermal performance almost twice as effective compared to typical 2X6 stud walls that are used in most buildings.

The “Net-Zero” kit house allows residents to refrain from purchasing and installing furnaces or/and large air conditioners while still living in a comfortable, healthy and eco-friendly environment. It is also safe to leave the house unattended during winter months without a fear of plumbing pipes to freeze.

The kit house can be assembled at almost any location to where a delivery transport with engineered straw panels can arrive and where a concrete foundation can be poured in advance. It is a perfect solution for a small lake house which you can visit at any time to enjoy the harmony of nature.

Or, when residing in a city, with the kit house’s sound proofing capabilities and natural microclimate, it is an alternative to escape from noisy and air-polluted city environments.

Despite its prospective location the “Net-Zero” kit house will provide you with healthy and environmentally-friendly features like no other conventional house. It is an organic combination of modern technologies with living in nature.